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Age 0-3

Longs Cheveux, Benjamin Lacombe

This is the story of Loris, a little boy with long hair who is often mistaken for a girl. Yet there is no shortage of heroes with long hair: Tarzan, the American Indians, Louis XIV ... and above all, the father of Loris, flamenco guitarist. A magnificent album by Benjamin Lacombe on the right to be different.

Category: Empathy and Kindness

La Révolte des Cocottes, Adèle Tariel

Charlotte and the 40 barnyard hens are tired of being the only ones tidying the nest, hatching the eggs and watching over the chicks, while Hadoc the rooster and chickens bask and parade the crest in the air. The hens demonstrate, cover the morning cocorico with their cackles and strike out with their wings. This nails the beak of Hadoc who agrees to negotiate.

Category: Strong Female Characters


Age 5-7

La Déclaration des Droits des Fiilles, Élisabeth Brami

Girls too can be agitated, relaxed in their clothing and choose any job they want. They can decide not to be a princess everyday and love who they want: boy, girl or both.

Category: Strong Female Characters

Comme Un Million de Papillons Noirs, Laura Nsafou

Comme Un Million de Papillons Noirs tells the story of Adé, a Black girl who gets bullied for her hair and who, throughout the story, learns to love her hair and to accept herself.

Category: Race and Representation

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