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Donnie, Lisa Maschhaupt

Donnie likes to wear dresses. His friends don't understand. In his mother's closet he discovers a wonderful world full of celebration and adventure. Donnie is the first book in a series of children's books. Through cool exciting stories, Donnie learns about diversity, inclusiveness and other relevant and contemporary topics.

Category: LGBTQ+

Kijk Omhoog, Nathan Byron

Meet hilarious, science-mad chatterbox, Rocket - she's going to be the greatest astronaut, star-catcher, space-traveller that has ever lived!

Category: Strong Female Characters, Race

De mooiste wiegeliedjes van hier en elders, Bart Bos Esmé

A collection of lullabies from all over the world.

Category: Empathy & Kindness


Miffy nanga melanie

The adventures of bunnies Miffy and Melanie.

Language: Sranan Tongo

Category: Race; Empathy & Kindness


Nijntje na laman, Dick Bruna

The adventures of Nijntje, a little bunny, and her friends.

Language: Papiamentu

Category: Empathy & Kindness


Age 0-3


Age 3-5

Bedtijdverhalen voor rebelse meisjes
100 bijzondere Nederlandse vrouwen, Elena Favilli & Francesca Cavallo 

Dutch version of the Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 tales of extraordinary women featuring extraordinary Dutch women, from Frieda Belinfante to Karin Amatmoekrim and from Harriette Verwey to Jacoba van Beieren.

Category: Strong Female Characters

Arabische sprookjes, Rodaan Al Galidi 

A collection of classic Arabic fairy tales. 

Category: Race; Empathy & Kindness


Bo & Mo verdwaald in de tijd, Najiba Abdellaoui, Ramona Treffers

On vacation in Andalusia, Bo and Mo lose sight of their parents. The wind helps them find their parents and takes them to lots of different places and people along the way.

Category: Empathy & Kindness


Ik ben bruin!, Ashok Banker

A young girl and her friends celebrate their skin tone and think about all the exciting things they’ll do in the future!

Category: Race; Strong female characters


Ik heb twee mama’s. Dat kan!, Wendy & Eefje

A book about lesbian moms written by two moms for their daughter. 

Category: Strong female characters; LGBTQ+

Kijk Omhoog, Nathan Bryon

Meet hilarious, science-mad chatterbox, Rocket - she's going to be the greatest astronaut, star-catcher, space-traveller that has ever lived! 

Category: Strong female character; Race


Samen hier, Oliver Jeffers

A picture book about all things and beings that live on planet Earth.

Category: Empathy & Kindness


Spelen tot het donker wordt ,Hans & Monique Hagen and Marit Törnqvist

A book about children who play together all day long.

Language: Dutch

Category: Race; Gender; Empathy & Kindness


Waar is mijn noedelsoep?, Reza & Chee-Han Kartosen-Wong

Sam-Ming has been looking forward to his home-made lunch all day. But when he opens his bag during recess, his noodle soup is gone. In a search for his lunch, he stumbles upon all the delicious meals his classmates brought.

Category: Race; Empathy & Kindness


Zing zing zing de wereld rond, Marieke van Ditshuizen and Jef Aerts

A collection of songs from all over the world. Sing yourself around the world!

Category: Race; Gender; Empathy & Kindness

Ada Dapper, wetenschapper, Andrea Beaty

Ada Dapper is a scientist who solves lots of problems and never gives up!

Category: Strong female characters; Race

Anansi de spin en de gulzige tijger, Iven Cudogham

Cheeky Anansi, a West-African folktale character, sees that Tijger emptied his fridge. It’s about time Anansi teaches Tijger a lesson!

Category: Empathy & Kindness; Black history


Anansi de spin sterker dan Olifant, Iven Cudogham

Anansi the Spider is not that big or tall, but he’s very clever. Can he outsmart the big, strong elephant?

Category: Empathy & Kindness; Black history


Baby’s eerste Koran verhalen, Saniyasnain Khan

An introduction to some of the most beloved stories from the Koran.

Category: Muslim Characters


De boer en de dierenarts, Pim Lammers

The farm is a mess. The farmer can’t concentrate because he’s in love with the veterinarian. The farmer is too shy to tell him. Maybe the animals can help? 

Category: LGBTQ+ 


Donnie, Lisa Maschaupt and Saša Ostoja

Donnie likes wearing dresses. Stepping into his mom’s closet is like entering a new world full of adventure.

Category: Gender; LGBTQ+


Feestverhalen - Jos van Hest and Saskia van der Valk

A collection of stories about different cultural parties in the Netherlands, Flanders, and beyond.

Category: Empathy & Kindness; Race; Gender


Het eiland van olifant, Leo Timmers

Olifant gets stuck at sea, but his new friends Muis, Hond, and Krokodil keep him company.

Category: Empathy & Kindness


Hoera! Wij worden papa, Elsbeth de Jager, Ellen Wennink

A story about two bears who get married and want to take care of a little baby.

Category: LGTBQ+


Idje wil niet naar de kapper, Michael Middelkoop

Idje doesn’t want to go to the hairdressers because he doesn’t  want to lose his beautiful afro. His hair doesn’t only look great, it’s super handy for hiding stuff and making shapes!

Category: Race


Julian is een zeemeermin, Jessica Love

Julian’s only wish is to become a mermaid. But what will his grandma think?

Category: Empathy & Kindness; LGBTQ+


Kersenhemel, Jef Aerts

A story about Adin and Dina’s friendship during cherry season. 

Category: Strong female characters; Empathy & Kindness 


Maantje, Sjoerd Kuyper

Maantje finds a baby squirrel that’s all alone. She brings it to an animal shelter and writes it letters. Did you know that squirrels can write back?

Category: Strong female characters


Toch moederdag voor Tommy, Margreet Hammenga, Paul Ode

On Tommy’s first day of school, the whole class is making gifts for Mother’s Day. No one knows that Tommy has two dads. The next week, Tommy’s dads invite the whole class over for a party to show them how much fun having two dads is!

Category: LGBTQ+; Empathy & Kindness


Twee mama’s, Francesca Pardi

Roos and Femke are two grown ups who love each other very much and really want a baby together. At a special hospital, they pick up a special seed that goes in Roos’s belly.

Category: Strong female characters; LGBTQ+


Wat ik mooi vind, Milja Praagman

Max thinks long and hard about what he finds beautiful. During his day, he runs into many everyday things that are truly beautiful.

Category: Empathy & Kindness

Age 5-7

Ikke(n), Ilona Moerland

A book about different characteristics and disabilities.

Category: Disabilities; Neurodiversity; Empathy & Kindness


Mama is minister-president, Ody Neisingh and Marieke Visser (7+)

Adam’s mom is prime minister and his whole class is invited to her official office. During their visit, they get involved in an exciting quest to save the country.

Category: Strong female characters


Migranten, Issa Watanabe

When their forest dies, a group of animals has to find a new place to live. A remarkable journey lies ahead.

Category: Empathy & Kindness


Rosie en Moussa voor altijd, Michael de Cock

Best friends Rosie and Moussa set out to find Rosie’s dad. And when Moussa’s uncle gets into trouble, Rosie is there to help.

Category: Empathy & Kindness

Wat is er met jou gebeurd? James Catchpole

Joep has one leg. Every day he gets the same question: what happened to you? Joep doesn’t really want to answer that question anymore. 

Category: Disabilities; Empathy & Kindness

Age 5-7

Age 7-11

Bedtijdverhalen voor rebelse meisjes - 100 bijzondere Nederlandse vrouwen - ROSE Stories 

A collection of a 100 stories about remarkable Dutch women who inspire young children to dream big.

Category: Strong female characters; LBGTQ+; Race


De flat van Fatima, Janneke Schotveld

After his parents’ divorce, Karel moves to a flat in Noord. She becomes friends with Sami, Raja, and Hafid. Together they try to stop friendly neighbor Fatima from getting evicted.

Category: Empathy & Kindness; Strong female characters


De vlucht van Omid, Lysette van Geel

Omid and his sister have a liver disease and they can’t be treated for it in their home country Iran. Their mom and dad sell everything so they can move to the Netherlands.
Category: Empathy & Kindness


Hoe bedoel je?, Elsbeth de Jager

Naomi’s mom and dad are getting a divorce. Dad is moving in with a man. Naomi’s friend Lucas explains that that makes a lot of sense. Naomi’s dad is moving in with the man because he’s in love with him!

Category: Strong female characters; LGTBQ+


Hoe we het monster versloegen, Anna van Praag red. 

A collection of stories written by kids from Amsterdam on how they experienced the pandemic and lockdown.

Category: Empathy & Kindness


Naar de overkant, Wouter Klootwijk

A story about a little girl who starts an unexpected friendship with someone on the other side of the river.

Category: Strong female character; Empathy & Kindness


Planeet Omar, Zanib Mian

Omar has just moved and is going to a new school. He’ll have to make new friends and stay out of trouble. Luckily, Eid al-Fitr is just around the corner. If he behaves well, he’ll get lots of gifts!

Categories: Race; Religion & Beliefs; Empathy & Kindness


Rocca en het geheime toverrecept, Sharid Alles 

When Rocca turns 10, the mysterious Madame Liu who lives below her teaches how to cook magic. She learns all types of potions and magical recipes to solve problems. Will she find the secret ingredient for her next potion? 

Category: Strong female characters 


Ronja de Roversdochter, Astrid Lindgren

One of Astrid Lindgren's greatest fairy tales, a Romeo and Juliet story about Ronja and Birk who are children of two rival robber chiefs. The children's friendship is threatened by the family feud and the wild nature with all its inhabitants becomes their refuge. It will be a fight for peace and justice, against evil and stupidity, before Ronja and Birk finally manage to bring out the good in the raw robbers.

Category: Strong female characters; Empathy & kindness

Spreek je chocola? Cas Lester

Nadima is Naz’s new classmate. She fled from Syria. Nadima and Naz don’t speak the same language but they bond over a bar of chocolate.

Category: Race; Strong female characters; Empathy & Kindness


Tori, Brian Elstak and Karin Amatmoekrin

Three brave human kids and their turtle dad run into all kinds of challenges with big crocodiles and magical swords.

Category: Race; Gender; Empathy & Kindness


Tussen je Oren, Ap Dijksterhuis

A book that answers lots of questions about the human brain. Written by two psychologists.

Category: Neurodiversity


Vrijdag kom ik weer thuis, Robert van Dijk

Esi wants to find her mom a husband. She’s sure he has to be Ghanaian, just like her dad. At Schiphol Airport, she hides in a suitcase in hopes to get to Ghana. Will she make it?

Category: Strong female characters; Race

Age 7-11

Age 11-14

Brown Girl Magic, Dalila Hermans

Noen got bullied at school for having brown skin and big girls. She learns that she shouldn’t change a thing about herself because she is magic!

Category: Race; Strong female characters


Mijn moeders zijn lesbisch en ik ben ook normaal, Odiel Reef 

Benthe is in year 8 of primary school and has a few questions. Why does she have two moms? Who is her dad? And how do you know if you’re straight?

Category: Strong female characters; LGBTQ+


Owen en de soldaat, Lisa Thompson

Owen wants to save the stone soldier in the park. How will he make it happen?

Category: Empathy & Kindness; Neurodiversity


Timur, Gaby Rasters

Timur has Down Syndrome and is going to year 8 of primary school. At school he has to face a bully.

Category: Neurodiversity; Disabilities; Empathy & Kindness

Age 11-14

Age 14-16

Cyrus & Farnaz over 7 grenzen, Mark van Waes

A novel about the brave and resilient Cyrus and Farnaz, who fled their home countries.

Category: Race; Gender; Empathy & Kindness 


De reis van Syntax Bosselman, verhalen over de slavernij, Arend van Dam

A story about Syntax Bosselman, who was taken from Suriname to the Netherlands in 1883 to be displayed at an international colonial exhibition. 

Category: Race; Black history


Franklin: een Nederlands Bevrijdingsverhaal, Marga Altena, Brian Elstak, Lyanne Tonk

A graphic novel about the romance between African-American soldier Franklin and the Dutch Liesbeth. Set in 1944 occupied Netherlands.

Category: Race; Empathy & Kindness

Age 14-16
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